Marketing Team

Our marketing team is highly specialized and motivated provides a personalized service and works hard to always fulfill our customer's needs within their budget.


Everyone benefits from our work: not only our customers get a high quality service at very low prices, but also some of our profits we support a charity organization.

Awaiting Eyes

We have partnered with the Awaiting Eyes Foundation (AEF), which means that some of our profit helps provide a better living for poor families in Pakistan.

Our Partners

What our clients say

An exceptional service with an excellent quality of work.

David, February 2015

I have recently worked with London ADC in a project and they were quick and efficient. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Paula, March 2015

Very good and efficient service. It’s a really professional team.

Melly, March 2015

London ADC has been very responsive to our requests and willing to listen to our issues. Their attention to detail was impressive

Sohair, March 2015

A beautifully bright and creative design that perfectly fitted our requirements. They were extremely helpful in advising on layout and design wherever necessary.

Carla, January 2015

London ADC provide an effective & highly knowledgeable service ! I recommend this company to many others.

Fabien, January 2015

We are pleased to recommend without reservation the team at London ADC. We feel so blessed to have London ADC design and help build our home.

Peter, February 2015