London ADC prides itself on providing a highly personalised service by working closely alongside its clients from the very early stages of all projects.


We painstakingly explore multiple possible design solutions before making a joint decision with the client on which design to progress –a hands- on collaborative approach. While providing a unique design to each of our customers is a priority, we also aim to protect the adjoining natural environment, improve communities as a whole and enrich lives, while keeping the cost of our service below that of all of our competitors.

Loft & Garage Conversion

A Loft/Garage conversion transforms an empty attic space in a functional room.

Single & Double Room Extension

Single/Double room extensions allows to add extra living space to your house.

Renovations & Shop Concession

Renovation is the process that improves a broken, damaged or outdated structure.

Interior Design

Our interior designers can offer innovative and personalized projects to our customers.

Building Rules & Regulations

We can liaise with the local Authorities for the necessary documents.

Landscape & Design

Our Architects can provide 2D/3D models to show projects to our customers.