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Polishing the surface is one of the most important part of production, Pars Sang offers stones with highest polishing quality.
What is surface polishing?

After mining and getting the first cut stones are ready to be transfered to the factory. The process begins with surface polishing machines that makes the stones surface polished, shiny and flawless. This process is tricky and Pars Sang Group use the best machines and technology to do so.

Our History

The Pars Sang Manufacturing Group was established in Rezvanshahr Industrial Town, Isfahan, in 2000, with the participation and assistance offered by Mokhtari Brothers, the heirs to the late Mr. Mohammad Mokhtari, a veteran of stone-cutting and carving industry.

This group consists of five individual components each producing various slab and tile stones block. A variety of travertine, marmarite and granite is produced at the Tile Unit in a broad range of colors and sizes.

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